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Transfer Tavern article “Baffling Interest In Donkey Dzeko“, written on 27 March 2012 by English failed striker who for the short time played for Arsenal, is scribble which really defined public opinion and English media relations with Edin Džeko for three years of his Premier League career. It also could be seen as paradigm for tabloid and sports magazines, bursting from latent racism and ethnic and national prejudices and bias anyway, used on so many occasions in reports and comments about Džeko, or any “small nation” athlete.
That this was not a simple deviation and unique occurrence we see during live program at SkySport (possibly BBC), immediately after October 2011 Bayern – Man City (2:0) game, when Tevez refused to play and Dzeko left the pitch apparently angry. In the program Iain Dowie, ex Northern Ireland and Cheshunt, St Albans City, Hendon, Luton Town, Southtempton, Crystal Palace, West Ham, QPR,  striker now pundit at various TV stations and programs, explained how Tevez did something which deserves punishment, while actually Džekos’ behavior was of such nature that he should be committed to an asylum !?!

For English media, with few exemptions, Edin is Bosnian player, which means he will not be considered “top drawer”, or “super-star”, or “world class”, certainly not in football “homeland”, which ironically, at the moment is unable to produce better striker then Bosnia.
It would be a different story altogether if he is, let’s say, Polish or even Serb, or at least Swede ! Oh, wait even Swede of Bosnian decent and name won’t be paid due respect in England, until he destroys their National Team with four goals, where the fourth is now considered to be most amazing goal ever seen anywhere, ever ! Only then English online magazine GOAL.com (Dear Mr. Ibra, we are sorry) and tabloid Daily Mail (An apology for Zlatan: Dominic King) unexpectedly both issued unusual written apology to Ibra, admitting that his entire football career he was subject of deliberate slight and malevolent comments of their lot in English media.

But why ?!? How is this even possible, that only England can’t appreciate certain players – players like Ibra and Džeko for instance.
That’s because there’s more to the story then meet the eye !

I remember English gentleman, Michael Rose, mighty British general and ideal of British civilizational attainments, whose whim influenced Edins’ childhood in besieged Sarajevo, and butchered Bosnia. I read his book from which I learned how this English gentleman of highest esteem admired Ratko Mladić, general of genocidal hordes, and revered his subordinate and their armies, while my fellow Sarajevo defenders as well as Bosnian army as a whole was simply despised, abjected by this egregious English knight – he calls us ragtag bunch in his book.
I remember Sir David Owen too (Peace in His Time by Roger Cohen), he too wrote a about Bosnia and Bosnians in his book “Balkan Odyssey“, after which he gained even more friends among Serb ethnic cleansers and their supporters, but I didn’t need his book to understand his feelings and attitude toward my country, as his Lordship never hid his own contempt for haggard Sarajevans and tormented Bosnians, while he often glutted himself at parties, picnics, and dinners with Karadžić and his clique in the mountain lair above hourly bombarded Sarajevo. I particularly remember his wretched face, with perfidious smirk on my TV screen, while he was giving us warning which sounded and felt more like a threat: “Don’t dream dreams“, he told us, as he was expressing his assurance that, while Serbian artillery butchering citizens of my city, he and his English lot won’t allow any interference by international community, so we shouldn’t dream that anyone is coming to stop genocide and to save us from his pals Karadžić & Co. daily bombardment, while they were starving us to death and depriving of water and power supply in the process ! (Unfinest Hour: Britain and the Destruction of Bosnia by Brendan Simms)

Despite these circumstances Džeko became decent and humble man and exquisite sportsman, something we rarely see in those of super-star caliber, enjoying Hollywoodesque celebrity status in English media. He is respectful to his hosts and their culture and traditions, in a way his hosts never was and probably never will be to his own homeland, tradition, culture, religion, and most of all people.

And if you ask yourself, what on earth all this have to do with Edins’ England career, media reports, writings, think again: how and what can explain English attitude toward east-European people, in this case players, especially Bulgarians, Croats, Russians, Turks, Albanians, and above all Bosnians ?! What else then English (British) superiority complex can explain their dismissal of players from so called “small nations” (except small nations they considering as “friends” and/or allies). What else then English arrogance and, in case they are more successful then their English counterpart, envy. What else then ever present cultural racism.

Iain Dowie:

Iain Dowie: “Džeko should be committed to an asylum” (!?)

I can’t imagine that anyone can be remotely surprised after three years of humiliating reports, often totally distasteful and derogatory remarks, and even invented statements allegedly made by Edin, and so on.
From the very beginning Edin was considered something as an imposter in their shity Premier League and country. Remember how they whined about Mancini choosing Edin over their “super-star” striker Andy Caroll ?
From Transfer Tavern article “Baffling Interest In Donkey Dzeko” written by English failed striker who played for Arsenal for a short period of time, scribble which really defined these three years of Edin Džekos’ career, to dynamic due Pollard-Keidel at Bleacher Report, or from lowest of the low Goal.com, to more prominent tabloid Daily Mail – anywhere you look you can find so many articles and comments about Edin in which he is presented as some sort of freakish fluke at best, or nuisance and embarrassment at worst in English football. Those who don’t know much about football and/or Edin  Džeko would say that he shouldn’t be playing for Doncaster let alone Manchester City.
But, it’s interesting, almost unbelievable, how many of these assholes deliberately and with premeditation want to write about such lousy player, they are so eager to explain how he stinks, how he isn’t world-class, how he is just decent nothing more, etc – it seems that low quality footballer Edin gets more media attention then any other bad player, often more then some of the best, even !? Gee, that’s something !

After Džekos’ brilliant game against Chelsea in FA Cup few days ago, English media scumbags hastily launched yet another offensive against Edin, his image, character and talent.
Thus, one prick famous for his malice toward Edin from months past, Stuart Brennan of Manchester Evening News rated players in following manner: Company, Toure and Silva 9, Nasri (61′) and everybody else 8, only Edin 7 (with Navas also 7 but he played only 20 min. (69′).
Seven 7 !?!?
He explained: “Some clever touches and neat approach play, but still needs to show more aggression and determination – 7”

But what else we can expect from English tabloids and other media. English non-artificial life-forms simply can’t stand Edin, they can’t analyze his abilities and contribution rationally and without national, ethnic and cultural bias.
Meanwhile, Who Scored robots, on the other hand, calculated Edins’ rating as second best in the game.

However, true circus begins with one Rik Sharma of Daily Mail, little skunk made some pretty rotten remarks about Edin, pretty unsubstantiated and unnecessary too:

“Alvaro Negredo has been suffering from an arm injury and was left on the bench against Chelsea, but should lead the line on Tuesday night.
Edin Dzeko is a decent forward but not a great deal more.
Stevan Jovetic, meanwhile, offers some guile and was the man who opened the scoring against Chelsea (…)
Edin Dzeko is not good enough to be considered a world class striker (…) at the moment he simply isn’t in the world’s top bracket

Funny, it’s need Spaniard, supporter of Real Madrid from Spain, to make a much needed reply to this disgusting claims:

“Edin Dzeko is not good enough to be considered a world class striker??? In last 15 games he score or assist 13 ! So far this season 17 goals – Benzema play every game for Real and score 15 so far ! What you expect from him to run fast as Sergio? Yesterday he jump over Luiz, Cahill, Ivanovic ! He make great contribution to the team ! Find me better player with his physique 193 cm that can run faster and have great shoot with booth legs ! Shame for such words for man who score more than 50 goals in 2 season for City ! His problem is he is not bad guy, so you don’t have article to wrote ! He should burn his house or do something so you will start to loving him!”Kale_Real, Spain

Of course slime Rik Sharma gives Alvaro Negredo justification for being benched by Pellegrini, although interestingly he forgets that Negredo warms the bench and doesn’t play in same role and same form since early December, and Edins’ big return. He avoid to mention that Pellegrini also said that Džeko too drags an injury for almost two weeks. Finally, on what ground he makes such claims, you may ask yourself, but you won’t find an easy answer !

Now, this guy Sharma, really made few irritating statements, and really pissed me off. There is a times when that bit of our Bosnian tribalism, which I hate the most, and which I always want to attack, whenever I find an opportunity, gets irritated and awakened in me as well. Fortunately that happens very rarely, almost never, except when I stumble upon, very often completely unfair, truly unjustified, sometimes even appallingly heinous reports and comments about our hero, and that happens only in media from English speaking parts of the world, mostly British and/or English media outlets.
At times I think something like: well, screw football, screw game and teams, points and goals, that’s Edin, a boy from besieged Sarajevo, who grew up to be young man of character and decency beyond and above of all their ideals, with upbringing that gave him qualities which transcendent all their ethical and moral reaches. They shouldn’t just merely respect that  but look in admiration and awe.
Why ? They are well aware why, they just need to remember that they owe him that, or at least they owe him to put to an end abuse, insults, scorn, humiliation, unappreciation,  and above all envy.  They don’t even try to hide their contempt against Džeko, nor  they hesitate to say and write completely baseless things, just to make intended point, to underrate Džeko that is. They don’t feel obliged to explain and/or substantiate their claims.

So, fuck off English cunts, and racist skunks ! It would be great if only we could meet in Brazil, at World Cup this summer, scumbags …

Eh, by the way, Negredo is just half of the player Edin is – he shouldn’t be allowed to lace up Edins’ boots!


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