Mo is a phenomenal – Everton Website – NSNO

Članak sa jedne od (fan) stranica Evertona FC star godinu dana, koji je vrlo aktuelan nakon povratka na teren i oporavka od povrede bh. reprezentativca, Muhameda Bešića, a koji je ponovo oduševio navijače svojim polusatnim nastupom ovog vikenda protiv Totenhema (1:1).

Article taken from Everton Website – NSNO, a year old but nevertheless actual, as Mo Bešić returned from injury and after long recuperation, and his brilliant performance during the weekend against Tottenham (1:1).


Besic quality excites Martinez

Muhamed Besic Everton third shirtEverton boss Roberto Martinez has said that he is excited to see just how good Muhamed Besic can become as an Everton player.

The young Bosnian international has made a big impression already since signing in the summer, but Martinez says he will get even better as time goes on – using the word “phenomenal” in a break from his usual, understated, vocabulary.

“Muhamed is still a player that is shaping up his qualities,” said Martinez. “In Germany, with Hamburg, he played in different positions. He played as a centre half and when he went to Ferencvaros that is the position that he excelled in.

“Obviously playing for Bosnia, he started to use his quality a little bit further forward in front of the back four. It transformed his position on the pitch and, since coming here, he has taken massive strides in improving his tactical awareness.

“Something he will never be short of is technical ability, ball control and his passing range. They are aspects that are fitting in well with where he is developing in our team.

“He is still very young in terms of the position he is playing so I am very much looking forward to his full development and seeing how quickly he can get to the best possible level.

“I have been impressed since the day that I first saw him.  I have been very pleased. He has quite a unique character and personality.

“He wants to work every day to become the best that he can, and that is quite infectious. You see game-by-game that he is getting stronger and he is getting used to the demands of the British game. Sometimes you forget how young he is.

“Mo is a phenomenal asset to our team.”


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