Košarkaški savez BiH je za samo nekoliko mjeseci 2016-e uništio sve što je stvoreno od 2010-e

All you need to know about current moment of our basketball is written in article by Chris Mathieu, at Eurobasket website.

Sve što je potrebno znati o našoj košarci u ovom trenutku napisano je u članku Krisa Metjua, objavljenom na Eurobasket web stranici.



The Destruction of Bosnian International Basketball was swift and complete!

The downfall of Bosnian basketball from what had been built up for years was faster than a lightning strike. The team, last fall was coming off a successful run by the U18 team, the senior team showed promise and the U16 created history by giving the country their first gold basketball medal.

Fast forward to spring 2016 and Harun Mahmutovic resigns from basketball along with his close allies Igor Stojanovic and Dino Konakovic. The resignations were spearheaded by the threats and coercion of young precocious talent of Jusuf Nurkic and criticism from him and his agent. Harun had worked tirelessly building the youth squads of Bosnia, building the domestic leagues and constructing the base of talents that built the U16, U18, U20 and senior teams.

They were replaced by officials mostly consisting of people close to Igokea club in Aleksandar Fulurija and Dubravko Barbaric. One of Fulurija’s first moves allegedly was to steer young Bosnian talent Dalibor Illic from Bosnia to Serbia once his immense talent became apparent to the Serbian Basketball Federation.

The destruction of what was built was swift and complete. The officials dragged their feet in naming coaches and organizing games and competitions. The coaching choices of all three selections senior, U20 and U16 were exceedingly questionable. The only thing that saved the U18 team was the cancellation of the games due to the coup attempt in Turkey where the games were to be played.

The U20 team was first up, Dino Muminovic who was massively outclassed as coach in their games. He had no answer tactically for what other teams imposed on the team. The team featured two likely NBA draft picks and at least 3 other high level European elite players. The team left off Enis Memic who didn’t like what he had seen from the coaching staff or how he was used. They also failed to utilize Sandro Gacic and Nedim Djedovic two players that the team could have desperately have used. The results were disastrous and they will remain in division B for the foreseeable future.

Next up was the U17 which was lucky enough to be coached by Josip Pandza and led by Dzanan Musa once again. Considering the fact that Njegos Sikiras was missing due to injury the results were positive and promising.

Next up was the U16 team debacle. Another poor choice of coach in Dragan Micic who no one considers one of the elite of Bosnian coaches in the country. Again tactics and roster composition was poor and the team was miserable going from gold the previous year to relegated to division B the next, a stunning free fall for a team that with Dalibor Illic, Nikola Djakovic would have been much more competitive. Even without those two, with a good coach minimally should have remained in division A, even without the elite talents the team was missing from the previous season. The team has two of the elite young talents in Europe in Amar Mehic and Tarik Biberovic and failed to use either player properly. The team’s strength was the center rotation and yet the team failed to adjust and utilize this strength to their full potential.

Up next was the debacle that was the Senior National Team qualifying campaign led by the disaster that was Damir Mulaomerovic. The ugly spectacle played out in front of fans eyes and in the stories that surrounded the team. From Renfroe betraying the team, to Teletovic’s special treatment to the petulance of a young Nurkic and Musa the team clearly lacked leadership, vision and direction.

If it was just one team you could chalk it up to an extenuating circumstance that could be corrected. The complete collapse of the entire infrastructure built by the last regime in such a swift and decisive manner makes it clear that there is a serious lack of basketball understanding or care being put in by the leadership of KSBiH who have been completely silent during the monumental collapse of 2016. No one has spoken out about what has happened, no one has been accountable and claimed responsibility, it has been utter silence from the entire organization except when it comes to creating allegations about the previous administration. If an organization is responsible for the product it puts out, then KSBiH has been responsible for a continuous display for disintegration, rot and complete failure the likes of which even in Bosnia has not been seen for a very long time.

The hard work and dedication shown by the previous regime was obvious in the results and just as they can be proud of the work they did, the current administration needs to be held accountable for the complete dismantling of the Bosnian National Teams. The fans and the players deserve better than what they have been shown and given this summer. It was an absolute disgrace but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before changes occur. The scary thing is, with the current administration it looks like the fall has just begun.

LINK > The Destruction of Bosnian International Basketball was swift and complete – eurobasket.com


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